There are so many things to do in the district of Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray.  Spending a day in these neighborhoods will provide you with truer Istanbul experience.  You can:

  • Walk and take pictures- These neighborhoods were occupied by Jewishes, Greek Orthodox Christians, and Muslims for centuries.  The unique architecture, creaky, colorful houses, narrow streets, the human interactions, furniture on the streets and the sleeping cats make this place a must see for photo enthusiast.
  •  Visit historic sites – Choro Museum, The Theodosian Land Walls, The Palace of Blachernae, Gate of Charisius, Ivaz Efendi Mosque, The Atik Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Ferruh Kethuda Mosque, Phanar Greek Orthodox College, Church of St. Mary the Mongols, Patriarchal Church of St George, Ahrida Synagogue, Yanbol Synagogue, The Bulgarian St. Stephen Church.  Good news: they are all in walking distance from your guest house.
  • Visit Balat Bazaar – In the center of Balat, there is ÇıfıtÇarşısı.   In the past, it was populated by Jewish craftsmen.  Today it still preserves its energy with tradesmen and locals.  You can try unique tastes at one of the long standing, tiny restaurants and enjoy Turkish tea and coffee with locals at cafes.

Upon request, there can be daily Blat- Fener- Ayvansaray tour arrangement for the guests. Please visit for more information.


Bus stops and sea transportation is in 5 minutes walking distance. Public transportation is very easy and main hub Eminonu is about 15 to 20 minutes bus ride.  From there you can go to Taksim, Sultan Ahmet,…, pretty much anywhere. Metro, Tramway, Sea Taxi, Taxi is available.