I came in 2011 to take pictures with my wife. My wife dreamed to buy and restore the destroyed houses.Our architect drew and I realized these dreams.

Istanbul Walls, engineered in 397. Anemas Dungeons Built in the 11th Century and Kazasker Ivaz Efendi Mosque, built in the 16th century so effected us.

From 2011 to 2015, we revived two historical artifacts. We restored an old building and we were able to build a boutique hotel consisting of 4 blocks while we were building a new building in the garden. Since 2015, we have not only offered dormitories and hotels but also venues for art galleries, academic and social gatherings.

We opened two international painting workshops and over 10 painting and photography exhibitions. Our aim is to provide a quiet and peaceful environment where natural products grow in the garden and guests feel like at home.